Set Your Learning System Free

Co-Liberate™ partners with visionaries who demand beautiful, feature-dense, all-original courseware that extends into a wrap-around learning experience.

Whether adding courses to your website or launching a new learning product, we bring most projects to launch in under 45 days.

Client: Nico Languages

Multi-site Resource Portal


There are millions of courses online.

As pandemic conditions shifted learning further to the web, 3rd party platforms stepped in to fill demand.

For millions of users, these template-driven interfaces fall short. They force creators to focus more on CONTENT than on the LEARNING experience, leaving UX constrained to a mass-marketed container. Full feature capability comes with an annualized expense that becomes a burden over time.

Co-Liberate was developed to change this.

Client: After-School Skills Program

Multi-site Social Learning Courseware


Share Your Vision

We begin with a free, 60 minute, expert-led product discovery session via Zoom, where you get to ask questions, explore ideas, and decide if Co-Liberate™ is right for you.


We'll Give It Wings

If it's a fit, we begin the discovery process, learning everything we can about your student, their learning environment, and your vision for the learning process.

In one week, we'll propose a roadmap for development with simple costs and timeframes.

Anything Is Possible

WorldChanging Studios, our parent non-profit, has been filming, animating and producing digital learning content for over 20 years.

  • On-Site & Studio Film

  • Game/App Development

  • Animation & Scripting

  • H5P / HTML5 Content

  • Curriculum Development

  • AWS Scaled Deployments

  • Pilot Program Management

  • Standards Alignments (K12)

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